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Guided Tours of Fascinating Phnom Penh


IMG 1274Phnom Penh is one of the most interesting cities in Southeast Asia; historically, culturally and architecturally. One of its great attractions is its accessibility; it’s flat, relatively small and many attractions are within easy walking reach of the visitor. Most visitors stick to those attractions listed in the guide books. The aim of these guided tours however, is to introduce visitors to Phnom Penh’s lesser known but equally fascinating attractions; pointing out those intimate, attractive and informative features. Many of these highlights focus on the impact of foreigners on Phnom Penh and Cambodia more broadly, the city being at the confluence of rivers and of different peoples over time.


Tour lengths are up to three hours but can be altered to match your requirements. The pace is tailored to suit, though nothing above leisurely is preferred. Tours are by arrangment with a usual starting time of 9am, and aiming to finish by midday. The meeting point is usually your hotel or the designated start point of the tour near the Riverside. Groups are kept deliberately small; 3-4 people per tour are usually ideal. The itinerary can be modified to suit. Not all tours are the same, and the guide likes to mix things up. Tours can be arranged as required for people with an especial interest in particular aspects of historical and contemporary Phnom Penh.


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Wear comfortable footwear and have sun protection.


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